Gregory adams

Gregory adams

Company: Elucida Oncology

Job title: CSO


Workshop B: Overcoming Challenges with Nonclinical Models to Accelerate into the Clinic Quicker 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

As many next-generation conjugate companies are driving to enter the clinic there still remains fundamental challenges in understanding what nonclinical models you should be conducting your studies in to see accurate translational into the clinic and pass through the important regulatory checkpoints. This workshop will provide an overview of the key considerations when choosing your…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day Track C

Addressing the Limitations of ADCs with Targeted C’Dot Drug Conjugates (CDCs) 11:45 am

Discover how CDCs are capable of selective tumor targeting across a range of antigen expression and deep tumor penetration not possible with ADCs Examine how CDCs are capable of crossing disrupted Blood Brain Barrier to localize in and treat primary and metastatic brain tumors Learn about ELU001, a CDC with 22 exatecan payloads and 13…Read more

day: Scientific Program Day Two

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