Scientific Program Day 2 | Thursday, February 23, 2023

7:25 am Registration & Coffee

8:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Widening the Therapeutic Index Through Next-Generation Payloads, Conjugation Technologies & Formats

8:30 am Development of TPD² – Combining the Power of Protein Degradation With the Precision of Antibodies for Next-Generation ADCs


  • Examining the potency of GSPT1 degrader as a payload
  • Discussing improved pharmacokinetic properties
  • Outlining improved safety and tolerability

9:00 am Extracellular Targeted Protein Degradation: An Emerging Therapeutic Modality

  • Thomas Smith Associate Director - Chemical Biology & Therapeutics, Novartis AG


• Advancements in Targeted Protein Degradation research shows that targeted removal can now be accomplished external to the classic ligase-ubiquitination pathway found within cells

• Novel bispecific antibodies, antibody-conjugates, and bifunctional small molecules can all drive engagement and clearance of extracellular plasma and membrane protein targets

• Describing the application of these bifunctional conjugate tools in rapidly removing the cardiovascular disease-relevant protein PCSK9 in mice

9:30 am Technology-Enabled Payload Solutions to Broaden the Scope of Conjugatable Drugs


  • Discover how P5-labelling enables rapid generation of stably linked, hydrophilic DAR8 ADCs from native antibodies
  • Review how novel technology broadens the scope of drugs that are available for conjugation
  • Evaluate this superior linker-payload platform for the efficient and steady delivery of different APIs

10:00 am Looking to Satisfy the Growing Demand of Capacity & Capabilities for ADCs


  • Discusssing ADC landscape trends and analysis
  • Evaluating whether to outsource or do in-house
  • Providing a quick overview and updated on BSPs services and solutions

10:15 am Morning Break & Networking

10:45 am PEG based bispecific antibody drug conjugates

  • SAM LIU CEO, Shenzhen Enduring Biotech, Ltd.


  • Outlining the challenges of ADC development to treat solid tumors
  • Discussing PEG based bispecific ADCs to overcome these challenges

11:15 am Beyond ADCs – Next Generation Targeted Therapeutics


High-capacity conjugates have advanced in parallel with that of ADCs, and now the two can be put together as next generation targeted high-capacity drug conjugates

Advantages of Targeted High-capacity Drug Conjugates (T-HDCs) include:

  • T-HDC has ~10x DAR for both targeted and bystander-mediated cell-killing
  • High DAR allows use of moderate potent payloads and can avoid highly toxic agents (e.g. auristatins)
  • Payload delivery is optimized for PK and biodistribution with broad therapeutic index
  • Payload is protected from circulatory components
  • Targeting allows flexibility of binder (mAb, FAB, Peptide,…)
  • Targeting can leverage multi-valency for binding targets or multi-specificity for multiple targeting

Development advantages for T-HDCs include the ease of ‘mix and match’ for multiple product constructs with optimized high-capacity drug conjugates and different targeting binders

11:45 am Addressing the Limitations of ADCs with Targeted C’Dot Drug Conjugates (CDCs)


  • Discover how CDCs are capable of selective tumor targeting across a range of antigen expression and deep tumor penetration not possible with ADCs
  • Examine how CDCs are capable of crossing disrupted Blood Brain Barrier to localize in and treat primary and metastatic brain tumors
  • Learn about ELU001, a CDC with 22 exatecan payloads and 13 folic acid targeting moieties that is currently being evaluated in early phase clinical trials

12:15 pm Lunch

Showcasing Novel & Out of the Box Technologies

1:15 pm Bispecific XDC – A Versatile Drug Delivery Platform

  • Jun Shao Chief Operating Officer, Coherent Biopharma


  • Outlining the design and mechanism of Bi-XDC: Leveraging bi-ligand synergies on multiple dimensions to drug the undruggable targets
  • Reviewing the pipeline of Bi-XDC Platform: Transforming bioactive molecule to drugs, including toxins, protein degraders, immune-regulators, radionuclides, macromolecules, cells

1:45 pm AMDC – Antibody Mimetic Drug Conjugates: Precision Engineered Medicines

  • Michael Chansler Vice President, Business Development, Savid Therapeutics Inc.


  • Discussing Cupid-Pysche: A novel and proprietary platform delivering a variety of payloads to multiple tumor associated antigen targets
  • Analyzing a system for the rapid in vivo validation of antibody mimetic targeting ligands and the evaluation of therapeutic payloads including chemotherapeutics, immunotherapies, alpha emitting radioisotopes, and a proprietary photoimmunotherapy

2:15 pm Creating Next-Generation Immunotherapeutics Using Novel Chemistry Platform Technologies


  • Bright Peak Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of next-generation precision immunotherapies powered by novel chemistry technologies
  • Introducing Bright Peak’s platform technologies for preparing next-generation immunocytokines. Chemical protein synthesis platform yields enhanced optimized cytokines as payloads that are then conjugated to ‘off-the-shelf’ antibodies using a unique chemical conjugation platform to access nextgeneration immunocytokines
  • Discussing preclinical data of select immunocytokines prepared using Bright Peak’s platform for application in immunooncology

2:45 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

Examining Radioconjugates as Next-Generation Conjugates

3:15 pm Advancing the Development of a Pipeline of Differentiated Radiotherapeutics for Cancer

  • Helen Kotanides VP Translational Research & Preclinical Development, Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc.


• Actinium is a leading speciality oncolcoy radiotherapeutics company with a paradigm shifting induction and conditioning agent, Iomab-B, with positive topline results for R/R AML

• Actimab-A investigated in multiple R/R AML trials including in combination with Bcl-2 targeted venetoclax and the salvage chemotherapy CLAG-M with latter showing meaningful improvement in response rates and overall survival

• Strong R&D platform of targeted radiotherapies in preclinical development for heme and solid tumor malignancies bolstered by multiple collaborative research partnerships with Astellas, AVEO/LG Chem and EpicentRX

3:45 pm The New Emerging Pillar in Oncology

  • Thom Tulip Chief Executive Officer, Radiopharm Theranostics


• Outlining radiopharmaceuticals as a new frontier in oncology

• Discussing how radiopharmaceuticals work

• Sharing a unique MoA in RAD pipeline

4:15 pm Antibody Radionuclide Conjugates (ARC) for Therapeutic Applications on Cancer Expressing CA19-9

  • Hsing-Mao Chu Vice President of Research and Development, Immunwork Inc


• Chelator bundles are built upon multi-arm linkers; each bundle carries 3 chelator molecules

• Two chelator bundles are conjugated site-specifically to an antibody molecule; an ARC molecule bears 6 chelator molecules

• An ARC with anti-CA19-9 and 177Lu-labeled DOTA is to be illustrated

4:45 pm Targeted Copper Theranostics (TCTs) – Next Generation Payloads for Targeted Molecular Imaging & Therapy of Cancer


• Development of novel Targeted Copper Theranostics (TCTs) for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy using copper-67

• Pre-clinical and clinical data demonstrating safety and efficacy of TCTs

• Outlining future opportunities for functionalizing ADCs as TCTs – 3Rs: Rescue, Repurpose, Repositioning

5:15 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day Two