Accelerating Next-Generation Conjugates From Bench to Bedside

With numerous next-generation conjugate companies recently receiving their INDs to enter the clinic including Avidity Biosciences and Dyne Therapeutics and many more following closely in their footsteps, conjugate drugs comprising of novel payloads and targeting formats are being thrust centre stage within the bioconjugate world.

The Next-Generation Conjugate Summit is your only platform dedicated to showcasing out-of-the-box technologies and approaches to design conjugates with novel modes of action. Furthermore, learn how to overcome key translational challenges including model selection and regulatory guidance, as well as addressing important downstream manufacturing and scale-up challenges.

Uniting 120+ thought leaders who are harnessing payloads including oligonucleotides, immune agonists, protein degraders and more, as well as novel formats including bispecifics, antibody fragments, targeted nanoparticles and bicycles; this is your opportunity to be part of exclusive discussions on expanding the application of conjugate drugs and widening their therapeutic index to progress your next-generation conjugate from bench to bedside as quickly as possible.

The 2023 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

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Companies Attending Novel Format Conjugates Summit

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