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3rd World ADC

June 2024
Incheon, South Korea
 2nd ADC Toxicity

 July 2024
2nd ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit
August 2024
Boston, MA

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in February for the summit!

Driving innovation in Novel Payload & Format Conjugate Design, Establishing Clinical Validatinon, & Streamlining CMC to Expand the Toolkit of Conjugate Drug Design & Development

Welcome to the 3rd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

Pioneering Novel Payload & Format Conjugates

From Bristol Myers Squibb who expanded their cardiovascular partnership with Avidity Biosciences' antibody-oligonucleotide conjugate technology, to Nurix and Seagen who collaborated on a targeted protein degradation conjugate, there was a staggering amount of investment and collaboration in the novel conjugates space.

As highlighted above, drug developers were pushing the boundaries of traditional ADCs by designing and developing novel targeting formats and payloads. Whilst the likes of VincerX Pharma, Dyne Therapeuitcs and Alnylam were awaiting clinical validation, and others continued to innovate in conjugate design.

This event covered case-study-led presentations on novel design concepts, key translational and clinical development challenges, and addressed challenging CMC roadblocks, the Next-Generation Conjugates Summit was the only event uniting developers of a wide array of novel formats and payloads, with conjugate modality types including antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates, fragment-drug conjugates, Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Conjugates, small molecule-drug conjugates, bispecific-drug conjugates and more!

This was the only event to unite 150+ drug developers from companies of different modality types that would not normally come together.

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Top 2024 Testimonials

‘With the explosion of antibody conjugates with different payloads, this is a terrific opportunity for colleagues to come together and share challenges and learnings across different modalities’ - Amgen

‘This year’s format with separate discovery and development tracks is particularly exciting. While equally important, it should provide a unique opportunity to focus, connect and share insights on new formats, payloads, linkers, targets and combinations thereof – and collaborate with fellow innovators in the space!’ - Dantari

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