About the 2nd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

The Only Event Dedicated to Pushing the Boundaries of Bioconjugate Drug Development With Next-Generation Payloads & Formats to Improve Translation & Show Clinical Proof-of-Concept

With several novel alternative conjugates now in the clinic, all eyes are turning to understand whether the promise exerted during preclinical studies will be translated into the clinic.

Through showcasing companies including Dyne Therapeutics, Vincerx Pharma, Orum Therapeutics, Bicycle Therapeutics, Takeda and others who are in the clinic or on the cusp of entering, our 20+ expert speakers provided an unrivalled and comprehensive deep dive into all things novel payloads and formats to enable you to show a clinical proof of concept for your next-generation conjugate.

This year, our attendees were able to:

  • Immerse themselves in cutting-edge insights on oligonucleotide conjugates with Avidity Biosciences, Aro Biotherapeutics, PepGen, Cellectar Biosciences and Dyne Therapeutics to assess how this novel and exciting payload can be applied as a conjugate, and overcome challenges with oligonucleotide delivery and traditional cytotoxic payloads respectively
  • Examine how companies are harnessing novel formats to address challenges associated with traditional mAbs including penetration and non-target mediated uptake alongside Antikor Biopharma, Theratechnologies Inc., Coherent Biopharma and more!
  • Understand how to overcome the important regulatory hurdles to get into the clinic from pre-IND to IND with Bicycle Therapeutics providing you with a greater understanding of the regulatory framework, and enabling you to more proactively think about all things regulation
  • Analyze approaches to developing immunostimulatory conjugates as Sutro Biopharma, Takeda and Strike Pharma share updates on their platforms and preclinical progress to optimize the further application of iADCs
  • Discuss how to widen the therapeutic index with next-generation conjugates with Orum Therapeutics, Tubulis GmbH, Dantari and Elucida Oncology to ensure you are maximizing efficacy whilst limiting toxicity to improve the clinical development of your conjugate

As the excitement and intrigue rises surrounding what combination of payload and targeting moiety works in certain settings and indications, this is the only dedicated meeting to progress next-generation conjugates from bench to bedside as quickly as possible.

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Boston for the summit! If you are interested in the 2024 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com