About the Novel Format Conjugates Summit

With 22+ hours of content, 2 interactive workshops and over 2 hours of networking with key industry leaders, the Novel Format Conjugates Summit united those dedicated to the research of novel format conjugates in one setting to share lessons learned, case studies and advancements in the field.

Attendees of this focused summit heard from the field’s pioneers sharing their experience and advances in:

  • The landscape of protein drug conjugates and how they can be used for improved therapeutic index.
  • Next generation conjugates and how they can overcome conjugation challenges of a traditional ADC.
  • The regulatory pathway for an alternative format conjugate.

Those who attended heard from our 27+ expert speakers as we brought together the leading companies pioneering research within radioimmunoconjugates, protein drug conjugates, immunostimulatory conjugates, small molecule drug conjugates, and many more.