Welcome to the 3rd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

This was the only event that explored novel design concepts, key translational and clinical development challenges, and addressed challenging CMC roadblocks of the next generation of formats and payloads.

This was the only opportunity to hear the latest successes and advancements in the novel conjugates space, with 35+ exclusive presentations, included:

  • AstraZeneca discussing their exploration in the design and preclinical activity of their bispecific EGFR-MET targeted ADC
  • Dyne Therapeutics shares their potential to deliver transformative antibody-oligonucleotide conjugate therapy for DM1
  • VincerX Pharma announcing successful Phase I clinical trial results including the determination of dose and schedule for SMDCs.

The 2024 meeting was split into a Discovery and Development track which explored novel design concepts and the progression of a novel conjugate into and through the clinic. We also discussed a  how novel conjugates can be utilized beyond cancer in our Non-Oncology Focus Day!

What You Missed in 2024:

Explore advancements in gaining successful therapeutic effects in non-oncology indications, from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, to Obesity and Diabetes at our Non-Oncology Focus Day with Dyne TherapeuticsRegeneron, and J&J

Survey the diverse scope of innovation in novel payloads beyond including immune stimulating, radiopharmaceuticals, and high DAR cytotoxics in our Discovery Stream with Almac Discovery, Radiopharm Theranostics and Dantari
Identify exciting designs of targeting moieties to increase target specificity, tumor penetration and immunogenicity with Elucida Oncology, Antikor, and AstraZeneca

Uncover the most exciting clinical advancements from case-study-led plenary sessions to get one step ahead of your clinical development and improve chances of progression into the clinic and beyond with VincerX Pharma, Zymeworks, Clarity Pharmaceuticals and Dyne Therapeutics

Share your thoughts and collaborate in our deep-dive workshop sessions to optimize the pairing of your novel format and target to guide your R&D and set up for success in your next-generation conjugate development with Eli Lilly & Co, Debiopharm, and Abzena
Develop improved manufacturing and CMC strategies to prepare for your inevitable manufacturing processes to streamline your downstream development with Mersana and Radiopharm Theranostics

Companies Previously Attended:

Companies Attending Novel Format Conjugates Summit

What Our 2024 Said:

‘With the explosion of antibody conjugates with different payloads, this is a terrific opportunity for colleagues to come together and share challenges and learnings across different modalities’ - Amgen

‘This year’s format with separate discovery and development tracks is particularly exciting. While equally important, it should provide a unique opportunity to focus, connect and share insights on new formats, payloads, linkers, targets and combinations thereof – and collaborate with fellow innovators in the space!’ - Dantari

Several 1st generation conjugates have been approved and presently are being used in clinic. They demonstrated significant advantages compared to older therapies and significantly extended survival for many patients. However, they all suffer from dose-limiting toxicities and rarely result in durable remission. The promise of next-generation conjugates is more targeted approach with better efficacy and safety, which is a very exciting prospect.’  - Alpha Cancer Technologies

'I’m excited to share our developing stories with worldwide experts, learn from them about novel technologies, and look for potential collaborations.' - Coherent Biopharma

‘The Next-Generation conjugates is a rapidly evolving field, with many exciting developments ongoing that could have a big impact on many patients lives. Therefore, I am thrilled to team up with the world experts in the Conjugation field and hear update the latest developments’ - Araris Biotech